The Alternative Retirement Plan

The Alternative Retirement Plan

Join us for an eye-opening webinar hosted by Portfolio+ as we delve into the pressing issue of retirement funding in today’s economic landscape. With record-high inflation, unpredictable markets, and declining investment portfolios, Canadians are starting to realize that they may have underestimated the cost of retirement. But fear not, as we bring you The Alternative Retirement Plan, where we explore how home equity is becoming an increasingly vital aspect of personal wealth and can offer alternative strategies for funding retirement.

In this webinar, we’ll tackle the growing demand for reverse mortgages in Canada and the benefits they bring to older homeowners and younger generations alike. We’ll also discuss how home equity can serve as a reliable source of income in retirement, especially in times of economic uncertainty. Our expert speakers will share their insights and offer valuable tips on how to make the most of your home equity and achieve a secure and comfortable retirement.

Register now for The Alternative Retirement Plan and discover the power of home equity in securing one’s financial future. 



3:30 PM ET



June 21st


3:30 PM ET



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