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Capital Formation in Specialty Finance

August 12, 2020

Opening up to open banking

February 12, 2020

Is Canada finally opening up to open banking? The answer is... maybe? Watch this passionate polemic on how Canadian fintech, banks, and regulators are working (sort of) together to drive true financial services innovation. Topics: - The relationship between Canadian fintechs and banks. - Successful frameworks of open banking implementation in other jurisdictions. - Impacts of open banking on lending, payments and data providers. - What Morneau's resignation means for the Open Banking Consultations this fall.

Point of Sale & the Future of Lending

February 21, 2020

Filene Research Institute estimated the annual size of the POS financing market at $391 billion—approximately 3.5% of annual consumer spending—with healthcare, electronics, and home goods as the leading categories. Is growth of POS the at the expense of revolving credit? What role are the banks playing in POS lending? Who is leading the POS charge and what does it mean for merchants, shoppers, and fintechs?

Data Analytics & the Future of Lending

January 20, 2020

A keynote from Mark Ruddock, CEO of BFS Capital, an international commercial fintech lender. Mark Ruddock is also formerly the interim CEO of 4finance, MD of Wonga International, CEO of Viigo (acquired), and founder of INEA (acquired). Mark is also a director of the Canadian Lenders Association.

Understanding the Modern Borrower

February 10, 2020

It’s no secret that consumers and businesses are underserved by traditional lenders. How are new age fintech lenders using data science to better service modern borrowers?

Where to Find Alt Data & When to Use it

January 20, 2020

Traditional credit data does not offer a 360 degree view of a borrower. We discuss new data sources and how they can be used in underwriting.

Disrupting the Bear & Fighting Populism

August 28, 2019

Craig Alexander has worked as a senior economist for over 20 years, leading macro forecasting teams at RBC, CIBC and TD and the C.D. Howe Institute. Craig will discuss Canada’s current economic outlook and how financial institutions can disrupt the global looming bear market.

Market Turn Readiness

September 20, 2019

Positive economic momentum is slowing and at some point the pendulum will begin to swing back and alter the economic landscape. How can lenders get ahead of the curve? Are there defensive strategies that can still push the needle on competitive returns?

Government as a Partner in Lending

August 30, 2019

How can government be a partner in lending? We bring together government relations experts from the country’s largest alternative consumer lender; largest credit bureau; top tier law firm; and a legislative representative from the Government of Alberta to discuss best practices in engaging with political and regulatory stakeholders.

Lending to Lenders

August 30, 2019

Tips and insights for originators into how and where to raise capital and different stages of growth. We take a deep dive into the borrower’s and lender’s perspective on capital formation, capital deployment and how to fund your book at scale the right way.

Financial Services Revolution

November 12, 2019

Within a decade, the financial services industry will be virtually unrecognizable as the technologies of the fourth industrial age, primarily blockchain, upend every aspect of the business- from capital markets to lending, risk management to accounting and audit. In this talk, Alex Tapscott will break down the industry and provide a roadmap for how tomorrow’s leaders can not only survive, but thrive, in this era of digital disruption.

Understanding the Borrower Journey Part 1

August 28, 2019

Greg Wolfond, CEO of SecureKey chats with Carl Davies, Head of Fraud at Equifax about how breakthroughs in KYC are enabling all of Canada’s banks to do lightning fast verification and save on AML.

Understanding the Borrower Journey Part 2

November 12, 2019

Susan Perlmutter, CRO at REPAY discusses how lenders can create an omni channel payment experience for borrowers and give them options to get funded instantly.

Alternative Credit Funds in Fintech

September 12, 2019

While large institutions have readily backed large originators (primarily in the US & UK) using senior credit facilities and securitizations, a growing number of small funds that invest in alternative credit (less than $100M in assets) have proliferated and helped to serve the needs of smaller originators. These small funds have given retail & high net worth investors access to attractive yields that are largely uncorrelated with stock & bond markets.

Lending AI & Digital Discrimination

November 15, 2019

John Weigelt, CTO of Microsoft breaks down how to use AI to perfect the lending experience. John pointing to real world industry examples of what works… and what to avoid when deploying AI in your fintech business.

Big Data in Transactions

August 28, 2019

We dive into data challenges faced on both ends of a live transaction. How can taking an analytics first approach better serve equity or debt raises?

Open Banking Fuelling Lending in 2020

October 23, 2019

How can fintechs and regulators work towards an open data economy in Canada?

Fast & Furious Funders

August 30, 2019

Selling Venture Growth

January 3rd 2020

Open Banking Open Data

April 4, 2019

Inside Open Banking

January 3rd 2020

Changing Face of Checkout

July 4, 2019

This panel highlights ways to develop a successful relationship with next-gen shoppers at checkout, including GenX and Millennials. Takeaways include: • Key insights on GenX and Millennial shopping behavior; • How to mitigate abandonment at checkout; and • Strategies to optimize checkout leveraging modern financing methods. Panel: • Gary Schwartz, President of the Canadian Lenders Association • Chris Faught, VP of Omnichannel at Affirm • Lindy Crea, Head of U.S. Partnerships at Klarna

Credit Invisibility Keynote

April 4, 2019

Michael Turner's keynote on credit invisibility in Canada, presented at the Canadian Lenders Summit.

Credit Invisibility Keynote Highlights

January 3rd 2020

April 4, 2019

Specialty Finance Panel

February 23, 2019

One hour panel. Structuring & Financing Your Specialty Finance Transaction This workshop takes a deep dive into the structure and finance your specialty finance transaction. We discuss how to structure financing and how this can impact the outcome of the deal. This event will focus on certain deal considerations for structuring and financing of a specialty finance transaction, whether it be a domestic or cross-border transaction. This event discusses options for deal structuring and include perspectives from fintechs / borrowers, financing sources, financial advisors and legal advisors.

Kevin Clark, Chair of the Canadian Lenders Association sets the stage.

July 5, 2018

Kevin Clark introduces the 2018 Lenders Summit in Toronto.

Gary Schwartz introduces the Summit Agenda

January 3rd 2020

Summit Highlight Reel

January 3rd 2020

Summit 2019 will be held at MaRS on 20th November. Register for early-bird tickets now.

A Global Review

January 3rd 2020

Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance presents lessons and insights from 2018. CCAF is partnered with the CLA to drive world-class innovative lending analysis and policy nationally and globally.

A Voice from the Lending Future

January 3rd 2020

The opening keynote by Mark Ruddock sets the stage for the Summit. Mark talks about lessons and challenges in innovative lending space in Europe, Latin America and Asia as well as looking at growth strategies for the Canadian market.

B2B Acquisition Keynote

July 5, 2018

Mini Keynote by Gladstone Grant, National Director, Microsoft Technology Centres, Microsoft on innovative strategies to reduce Customer Acquisition Cost

Lending: B2B Acquisition Panel

January 3rd 2020

Sit down to discuss strategies, learnings and successes with Linkedin, Progressa, Lendified and Thinking Capital.

The Lending Blockchain: Case Studies & Insights

January 3rd 2020

Going beyond blockchain 101, Plaza Corp, CORL, MortageBlox, SVBS and SwiftSale deep dive into lending use cases. The panel is moderated by Soumak Chatterjee, Blockchain Lead at Deloitte.

ROI in Lending AI

July 5, 2018

Frank Currie, Head of Customer Engineering for Financial Services joins Norm Cappell from Savvyy, Nick Seelert from Senso.AI and Edwin Fong Vice President, Financial Services Salesforce to discuss “Beyond the hype: how lenders can drive ROI?” The panel is moderated by Carole Piovesan, Lead in Artificial Intelligence at McCarthy Tétrault.

Making AI work for Fintech

January 3rd 2020

Frank Currie, Head of Customer Engineering for Financial Services talks about ROI in Lending AI.

Tips on Mid-Market Lenders Seeking Capital

July 5, 2018

Roundtable hosted by Romit Malhotra, Sr. Managing Director and Karanjit Bhugra, MD Corporate Finance Deloitte @ the Canadian Lenders Summit 2018

Google: Leveraging Machine Learning and Data to Drive Results

January 3rd 2020

Frank Currie, Head of Customer Engineering for Financial Services at Google moderates a roundtable at the Canadian Lenders Summit 2018

Technology, the changing landscape of the law for lenders

July 5, 2018

Ana Badour from McCarthy explores regulation, the changing landscape of the law and the impact of new technology.

Legal Deep Dive - Regulatory Insights

January 3rd 2020

Elizabeth Sales from Blakes explores regulation, the changing landscape of the law in the lending space in Canada.

Innovative Lender of the Year 2018

July 5, 2018

Congratulations to Eva Wong and Andrew Graham for winning the 2018 LEADER OF THE YEAR leadership award. The Tiffany & Co. crystal award was presented on Nov 21st at the Lenders Summit. We are now welcoming 2019 Innovative Lender of the Year nominations.

Innovation in Lending

January 3rd 2020

Amar Ahluwalia, VP Partnerships & Capital Markets, OnDeck Capital sets the stage with a mini-keynote on the role of innovation in lending.

Snap Chat: Capturing the Lending Consumer

July 5, 2018

Joe Strolz discusses innovative strategies to drive engagement via social media.

Capturing the Lending Consumer

January 3rd 2020

Joe Strolz sits down with principals from PayBright, Paays, Refresh and Borrowell to discuss lessons learned in the market: tips, insights and war stories.

The Great Data Debate

January 3rd 2020

Incumbent data verses new data: how do we work toward an open data economy? Kirsten Thompson, who was recently appointed to the Advisory Committee on Open Banking, moderates the debate.

Seeking Capital on the Global Stage

July 5, 2018

A discussion involving actual war stories on arranging capital for Canadian alternative lenders. Romit Malhotra, board member of the Canadian Lenders Association, moderates a panel of lenders and global institutional funders. PLEASE NOTE:  Opinions expressed belong solely to the panelist, and not necessarily to the speaker's employer, organization, committee or other group or individual.

Jason Mullens: Insights & Conclusion

January 3rd 2020

Canadian Lenders Summit: Vice Chair Insights & Conclusion

Innovation Canada's remarks at the goeasy Reception

January 3rd 2020

Mark Lehman, Executive Director, Innovation, Science, and Economic Development Canada speaks at the Lenders Reception